We proudly serve military veterans through a range of VA home loan programs!

Are you trying to qualify for a Houston VA mortgage loan in America? No worries! We help you through the process of VA home loans and minimize your effort in formalizing a home loan.

If you are a veteran in America who have dedicated valuable years of life in the military, the VA home loan is the ideal option for you. Houston is a great neighborhood in the USA and a huge city. It is home to more than 300,000 veterans in the country.

If you wish to know more about VA loans in the Houston city, you should contact a VA approved lender like us. Whether you are a native in the region or want to migrate to it, we take the pain to find the best VA loan for you. Qualifying for a home loan will become easy with us.
The Houston VA loan limit is $484,350.00 as recorded in 2019. This means that the government will guarantee this much of loan amount to the veterans.

VA loan in Houston will be given on the following conditions

  • Those who have experience of serving 90 days or more actively on duty during wartime
  • Those who have served for a minimum of 180 days or more actively on duty during peacetime
  • Applicant should be honorably discharged from duty
  • Those who are currently serving as active duty members
  • The surviving spouse of a military veteran who died on duty, or has a work-related disability. However, this is not applicable to those spouses who have remarried.

 Why Veterans prefer to live in Houston?

Organizations in Houston recruit veterans for their work. The veterans are welcomed in the oil and gas industry, the medical community and the IT industry. So the veterans are given preferential treatment in terms of jobs. What is important is that with a VA loan, you can buy a home in beautiful neighborhoods in the city.

Do you know the University of Houston has been declared as a military friendly school through which the veterans can explore GI bill benefits to meet the expense of education?

Our professional will be with you in the entire process of obtaining a VA home loan. Whether you want to apply for a simple home loan or want to refinance your current loan with a VA loan we are there to assist you. We are ready to answer your queries about income rates, interest rates, and your credit history to be able to eligible for a VA loan.Let us decide whether you qualify for a VA home loan or a refinancing option to save the money for the future.

Benefits of getting VA loan in Houston

A sole consideration of getting this VA loan is the amount of time a veteran has spent in the military. As you have seen the eligibility requirements depend on how much time you were on duty during wartime and peacetime and how you were discharged from the duty. Financially it is a good decision to get a VA loan if you quality these criteria.

The fact that the government has approved the VA loan is because there is less risk present for the lender. Moreover, the interest rates are considerably lower than conventional loans and FHA loans.

VA loan gives you enough option to save. The main attraction of this loan is the zero down payment option. It enables you to secure a home in America without compromising your budget. As conventional home loans require a standard 20 percent down payment and it is not required in the VA loan.

Documentation required for a VA home loan

  • Certificate of Eligibility which states that the veteran has fulfilled the minimum service requirement
  • Past 2 years W2 statements that gives authentic information on your wages and salaries and the taxes deducted
  • 1 month of most recent LES, leave and earning a statement
  • Past 2 months bank statements
  • If you have been discharged then a copy of your DD214.

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