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Are you planning to buy a home? If you’re a Veteran, then you must be eligible for VA home loan in Texas. The benefits of this loan are many as compared to other type of loans.

  • An existing home, condominium or townhouse in VA-approved project. In case of condos or townhomes, entire complex need to be approved by VA before buyer can receive loan for single unit.
  • A manufactured home or modular home; Finding lender in order to finance such kinds of homes can quite tricky since they’re depreciating properties. Also, manufactured as well as modular homes must fulfil certain conditions, such as being attached to permanent foundation.
  • A new construction, builders, plans, as well as building sites need to be VA-approved, need many inspections, as well as builders should provide minimum one-year warranty. Also, there are many lenders who feel hesitant in accepting zero down financing for latest and new constructions. Alternatively, veterans can find a non-VA Home Loan as well as refinance a home with VA Home Loan after the completion of building.
  • To buy and improve a home with energy efficient improvements; Improvements can incorporate, however aren’t restricted to, thermal windows, doors, walls insulation, ceilings, floors, water heaters, attics, furnace modifications heat pumps, vapor barriers etc.

Options for refinancing VA Home Loan:

  • Veterans who already have VA Home Loan can decrease their monthly payments, shorten their existing loan terms through Interest Rate Reduction Finance Loan. VA wont need credit check for refinances, however some lenders do. But, its important to check VA loan rates in Texas.
  • If service member buys a home utilizing a conventional loan, then he or she may been titled to refinance the mortgage into VA Home Loan.
  • If you’re prepared to buy a house by utilizing VA Home Loan, then ensure to check with the lender regarding what options are there to you before going for house hunting since this listing is not exhaustive. The process of VA Home Loan starts with filling out the eligibility Certificate through VA.

Wrap Up

Hope this guide has helped you in knowing more about the things that one can buy with VA loan and the options available for refinancing the loan.

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